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SME Toolkit offers complimentary business advice to Asian-owned businesses. The robust revenues of Asian-owned businesses and the growth in the number of businesses provide a good indicator that these businesses are at the the forefront as engines for growth in the United States economy.

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Of Note
1.1 million
Number of businesses owned by Asian-Americans in 2002, up 24 percent from 1997. The rate of increase in the number of Asian-owned businesses was about twice that of the national average for all businesses.

More than $326 billion
Receipts of Asian-American-owned businesses in 2002, up 8 percent from 1997. An estimated 319,468 Asian-owned businesses had paid employees, and their receipts totaled more than $291 billion.

2.2 million
Number of people employed by an Asian-owned business. There were 1,866 Asian-owned firms with 100 or more employees, generating nearly $52 billion in gross receipts (18 percent of the total revenue for Asian-owned employer firms).

U.S. Census Bureau News
Released May 16, 2006

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