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SME Toolkit offers complimentary business advice to Black-owned businesses. Learn how Black business owners are pooling resources and beginning to understand the power of networking to market and promote their companies.

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Of Note
A new report issued by the Census Bureau suggests that Black Americans are becoming entrepreneurs at a rapidly increasing rate. The report, "Survey of Business Owners: Black-Owned Firms: 2002," says that between 1997 and 2002, the number of black-owned businesses in the United States rose 45 percent to 1.2 million, while the combined revenue increased 25 percent to $88.8 billion.

“It's encouraging to see not just the number but the sales and receipts of black-owned businesses are growing at such a robust rate, confirming that these firms are among the fastest growing segments of our economy," said Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon.

National figures show the greatest numbers of black-owned businesses in the fields of health care and social assistance. Other categories with a strong presence of black-owned businesses include retail; professional, scientific and technical services; and transportation and warehousing.

Pitsburgh Post-Gazette
April 18, 2006

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