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Bankruptcy Alternatives

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Small Business Debt Restructuring

In financial trouble? Innovative debt restructuring service helps to avoid business bankruptcy by satisfying creditors based on what you can afford rather than unrealistic collection demands.

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Why Debt Restructuring

While there are many ways to make money in business, there are also many ways to lose money. For businesses that find themselves in financial trouble, there is now an innovative Debt Restructuring service that can be far more productive than filing bankruptcy - and the related demands which involve spending thousands of dollars on attorneys fees, endless months on reorganization activities and giving up management control.

When your business wants to survive such financially challenging times, a Debt Restructuring service can offer access to needed assistance from experienced professionals who understand the issues facing both debtors and creditors. These people will negotiate on your behalf to satisfy creditors based on payment programs that are realistic.

What is Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring refers to making a significant modification the debt, operations or structure of a company as a result of experiencing significant problems that are causing financial difficulties and putting the overall business in jeopardy. The objective is that through restructuring, a business can eliminate the financial problem and improve the business by establishing fair and equitable debt repayment practices to creditors.

Debt Restructuring Benefits

There can be many benefits to Debt Restructuring including renegotiating the terms of the debt agreements in order to achieve a mutual benefit between the business and its creditors. Working with a professional debt restructuring agent, such as Corporate Turnaround, offers your business specific benefits including help with:

  • Satisfying creditors based on what you can afford
  • Paying down as little as 2% of your total debts each month
  • Reducing your debt and stretching it out over time
  • Converting overwhelming debt obligations into manageable and affordable monthly payments
  • Spending less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys where your debt restructuring agent handles negotiations with applicable relationships
  • Reducing or eliminating associated legal costs
  • Balancing your budget and managing your cash flow
  • Rebuilding your credit and credibility
  • Keeping your doors open and avoiding bankruptcy

When to Restructure

If your business is encountering any of the following problems, a Debt Restructuring program could offer a productive solution.

  • Sales are down
  • Receivables are slow or uncollectible
  • Insufficient capital
  • Unable to meet financial obligations
  • Collection agencies are calling
  • Lawsuits have been filed

Guaranteed Results

When in need of Debt Restructuring services, look for a provider who offers experience, a proven track record and a guarantee. For example, established debt specialists like Corporate Turnaround have successfully settled over 10,000 debts on behalf of debtors and creditors alike, and guarantee that the total amount your business pays back over time, including fees, will be less than what you actually owe.* That's better than an interest free loan and does not require a personal guarantee.

*Guarantee based on your ability to pay 2% of debts per month and have a minimum of four creditors in the restructuring. See our contract for full details.


Understand the basics of what's involved in Debt Restructuring by choosing any one of the following FAQs:

Glossary of Debt Restructuring Terms

Knowing some of the basic terms associated with Debt Restructuring will help you to make more informed decisions.

10 Great Reasons to Restructure Debt

There are many good reasons for using a Debt Restructuring professional service to satisfy creditors including:

  1. Set repayment amounts that you can afford
  2. Take advantage of expert help
  3. Have professionals negotiate terms on your behalf
  4. Save time and money
  5. Preserve your business reputation
  6. Minimize or avoid costly legal bills
  7. Set a balanced budget
  8. Improve cash flow management
  9. Avoid bankruptcy
  10. Keep your doors open

Where to Begin

There is no getting around the fact that the process of Debt Restructuring is stressful and this is all the more reason for choosing to work with a provider that has developed a unique and systematic method for satisfying creditors with affordable installments that you determine. To investigate your options further, select any one of the following:

  1. Request a Free Consultation
  2. Chat live and confidentially
  3. Call 1-800.646.9330, x7010

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"Corporate Turnaround has helped thousands of businesses get out of debt by pioneering methods that enable debtors to satisfy creditors while retaining the cash flow necessary to stay in business and recover. By developing affordable payment plans and negotiating acceptable terms with creditors, Corporate Turnaround provides its clients with the best chance of survival while also giving creditors the best chance of being paid. Corporate turnaround is not a law firm and does not provide legal or bankruptcy advice. Not offered in KS, WI or WA."

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