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Performance Management and Employee Review

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Get more from your employees with a solid performance review and goal alignment process that achieves measurable results and drives increased profitability. Web-based, automated performance management application provides easy access to HR best practices making this process efficient, affordable and reliable with built-in features for engaging workers and measuring outcomes.

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Why Performance Management (PM)

A strong Performance Management & Employee Review process will help you to...

  • Better motivate and retain top performers
  • More closely align individuals' goals with those of your organization, and
  • Create a more engaged workforce

- all of which lead to greater productivity, and ultimately, improves your company's bottom line.

While such benefits are quantifiable and significant, many businesses do not have performance management procedures. Those that do, often employ time-consuming, labor-intensive, paper-based procedures, such as standardized word-processing documents, database templates or other rudimentary electronic methods.

With today's web-based, automated solutions, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from leading HR best practices by implementing a more cost-effective, proven approach to Performance Management & Employee Review that will yield the desired business results.

Performance Management Best Practices

As a small or medium-sized business, you can now take advantage of an affordable and automated solution for utilizing Performance Management & Employee Review best practices established by leading companies and Human Resource (HR) experts. Implement and benefit from the following proven HR practices using step-by-step, plug-and-play methodologies:

  1. Mutually establish employee goals so that you know, they know, and you both agree in advance, what's expected. These are SMART Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Framed.
  2. Align individual goals with business goals to ensure that everyone is working toward the same shared outcomes
  3. Allow employees to evaluate themselves as part of the review process
  4. Facilitate both employee and manager participation in the review process equally so that both parties feel good about the outcome
  5. Use a variety of measurements such as weighting and rating of goals to provide more meaningful perspectives of actual performance
  6. Avoid subjective human bias by using proven credible and multiple rating techniques
  7. Foster a culture of mutual trust and accountability with anonymous 360 degree feedback processes
  8. Save time, improve efficiency and ensure retaining a satisfied, talented and well-motivated workforce

Performance Management Tools & Techniques

Use the following proven Performance Management & Employee Review tools and techniques to get the most out of your workforce:

  • Performance Reviews: Create professional reviews that effectively motivate employees in half the time
  • Goal Management: Productively align employee performance with company objectives
  • 360 Degree Reviews: Capture valuable anonymous performance feedback
  • Compensation Planning: Establish a true pay-for-performance culture
  • Business Analytics: Use built-in reports or create your own to track, measure and adjust accordingly to ensure shared progress
A simple and cost-effective web-based application will help your organization to employ these valuable practices efficiently and eliminate other more manual, tedious and costly approaches.

Benefits of Automating Performance Management & Employee Review Processes

An automated system can ensure that your organization's Performance Management & Employee Review process is built around proven practices that encourage management and employee participation, operates more efficiently and brings about greater consistency to the entire performance review process.

By using automation to replace ineffective, time-consuming, paper-based processes, you can save your company time and money while establishing tighter links between employee and organizational goals. Employee performance can be more closely correlated to compensation, employment planning, retention and profitability. Other benefits to your organization include an increased capacity to...

  1. Implement Performance Management Best Practices More Easily
  2. Increase Goal Visibility and Boost Shared Accountability
  3. Gain Powerful Insights by Using Collected Data More Effectively
  4. Ensure Compliance
  5. Eliminate Paperwork Hassles
  6. Improve Feedback Quality and Strengthen Management Skills
  7. Save Time
  8. Gather Feedback That's More Honest, Objective and Open
  9. Improve Your Bottom Line

Small & Mid-Sized Performance Management Solutions

Regardless of what size your business is, there are benefits to better aligning performance with business objectives on an ongoing basis. Advancements in technology have made this process affordable, efficient and reliable building upon years of successful employee motivational techniques to automate practices, web-enable a system, and facilitate more employee engagement. Select from any one of the following topics to learn more about available Performance Management & Employee Review features and benefits.

Performance Management Solutions for < 25 Employees

For businesses with less than 25 employees, an automated, web-based Performance Management & Employee Review system can help you to create more professional reviews faster saving you time while also productively motivating your staff in achieving company objectives. Built-in features include:

Performance Management Case Studies

It often pays to learn how other businesses have tackled their Performance Management & Employee Review issues. Select any one of the following case studies and register yourself to learn more about how these organizations have succeeded in better aligning employee performance with business objectives:

15 Great Reasons for Performance Management

Most all purchase decisions made in a business are justified by return on investment (ROI) and a new Performance Management & Employee Review system is no exception. Below are compelling reasons why using a web-based, automated approach will more than pay for itself over time.

  1. Focuses on results, rather than behaviors, activities or personalities
  2. Aligns business activities and processes to business objectives and goals
  3. Cultivates a system-wide, long-term business view that is results driven
  4. Produces meaningful and quantifiable measurements
  5. Requires specificity of desired outcomes and establishes accountability
  6. Validates expectations with measurable outcomes as an ongoing process rather than a 1-time, snap-shot event
  7. Supports fairness and equitable treatment with results-based appraisals
  8. Assessment tools are directed at measuring performance against overall business objectives rather than specific job or tasks
  9. Maintains ongoing communications between all members of the business facilitating feedback and dialogue around business goals
  10. Cultivates a system perspective where inter-relationships between departments, processes, groups and employees is the focus instead of specific events
  11. Requires specificity of commitments and resources
  12. Provides benchmarks for comparisons, direction and strategic planning
  13. Ensures that all employees have the information needed to focus on and work toward a shared goal of achieving company objectives
  14. Provides a proven and easy-to-use methodology for all employees to become vested in outcomes
  15. Facilitates improved productivity, operational efficiencies and increased profitability where all employees remain aware and actively engaged in business outcomes

Where to Begin

Choose a Performance Management & Employee Review solution below that best fits your business needs, or request more information by selecting from the following options:

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