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Managing Productivity During the Summer Months

Content provided by the Better Business Bureau

It’s that time of year when employees are starting to contemplate their summer vacations. What can your business do to ensure a smooth operation during the summer months? How can you keep employee productivity high?

The BBB suggests developing a plan now that will allow each employee to take that much deserved time off, without causing hardship and headaches for your business, and ultimately your customers.

  • Have your employees provide advance notices of any vacation time they’d like to take off so that you can plan coverage and avoid having several employees out at the same time.
  • Develop a schedule or chart that will allow you to visually keep track of vacation requests and serve as a reminder when planning projects and managing workflow.
  • Cross-train employees now to minimize the effects of co-workers being out for several days or several weeks at a time during the summer months. While some duties can wait for a week or two during an employee’s absence, critical deadlines, pop-up requirements and emergencies cannot be put on hold.
  • Have employees prepare a list of their major duties and provide instructions on how to perform the tasks.
  • Have employees develop a list of all clients, vendors, technical support and anyone else who may need to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Be sure the spread-load and prioritize work for the team still in the office or store while others are out on vacation. Nothing saps employee morale and decreases productivity faster than being overworked due to poor management planning.
  • Consider hiring temporary staff to pick up the slack for the summer or, if possible, hire interns. Oftentimes, interns will work for school credit instead of actual pay.
  • Recognize, reward and encourage team members who take on additional responsibilities. Be creative in offering incentives for those picking up the extra work, and make your praise a public event whenever possible.
Content copyrighted by the Better Business Bureau
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