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eCommerce and Order Processing

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Sell your products online either by single product sales, an online web store or through distribution facilities that offer outsourced order processing and warehouse services. Access to 1-Stop ecommerce service provider makes it fast, easy and affordable so that you can increase sales when, where and how you need to.

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Why eCommerce

Selling your products on the Web enables you to reach many more potential customers in a cost-effective and efficient way. In the past, selling on the Web was complicated and time-consuming, particularly for a small business where a series of outsourced relationships with Web developers, shopping cart providers, merchant services, marketing representatives and fulfillment houses was often necessary.

Today, your business has access to an established and active sales channel that offers over a decade of eCommerce experience and attracts tens of millions of visitors each month. Whether you're looking to sell products online for the first time or improve your online sales, one of the world's largest online retailers now offers the following subscription-based features and benefits through Amazon Services Business Solutions:

  • List new or used items for sale
  • Unload any excess or outdated business inventories
  • Support repeat and high volume sales
  • Create your own privately branded e-commerce website
  • Utilize an established sales channel with millions of customers
  • Tap into an experienced multi-node network of fulfillment centers
  • Benefit from an established credit card processing and fraud protection infrastructure
  • Outsource post-order customer service for general inquiries, returns and refunds
  • Generate referral fees by supplementing your eCommerce website offerings with complementary products offered by Amazon.com
  • Pay for performance -- eCommerce service fees are paid as a percentage of sales incurred

Sell Your Products Online

If you're looking to sell your products online for the first time, want to expand your online sales opportunities, or test market acceptance of a new product, a program such as Pro Merchant by Amazon Services will provide the following comprehensive eCommerce advantages and services:

  • An eCommerce platform built to support millions of customers
  • Revenue-based pricing model
  • Online Seller Central sales tools for managing sales via the Web;
    • Merchandising tools to enable promotional offers
    • Promotion via available merchandising tools
    • 1-source tracking via sales metrics
  • Online customer feedback and marketing venues
    • Customer-posted reviews
    • Customer buy recommendations based on past purchases
    • Product information promotion on special "product pages"
  • Established and trusted customer services
    • Self-service interface for customer ordering and tracking
    • Fewer contacts per order
    • Fraud protection

Open a Web Store

If you don't have a website or have a website and want to expand your online sales opportunities, a program like WebStore by Amazon Services will gain further visibility for your brand and also allow you to take full advantage of Amazon's established sales channel, marketing tools, purchasing, search, merchandising and payment-processing technologies.

Easy-to-use, scalable website design templates make it easy to create a fully-functional eCommerce presence to improve visibility for your products making it easier for customers to buy online, track their orders and enjoy offers for free and expedited shipping. Pricing includes a fixed monthly fee and a per sale commission fee that covers credit card processing fees and fraud protection. Features and benefits include:

  • Expanding your sales channel and increasing revenues
  • Reinforcing brand awareness while leveraging scalable, reliable and secure back-end technology
  • Offering secure, simple and easy customer buying options
  • Generate referral fees by supplementing your eCommerce website offerings with complementary products offered by Amazon.com
  • Taking advantage of integrated email campaign management and search engine marketing services to proactively drive sales

Outsource Order Processing

Having another organization store your inventory and ship orders to your customers (Sales Fulfillment) will free up your time and introduce economies of scale that reduce costs and enable you to make more profit. When your business subscribes to selling on Amazon with Amazon Services Pro Merchant Program and WebStore by Amazon , you are also eligible to take advantage of an experienced network of state-of-the-art order fulfillment services.

Fulfillment by Amazon, an Amazon Fulfillment Services Group, offers a program for outsourcing order fulfillment so that you can focus on building your brand and managing your merchandise while someone else takes care of shipping, billing, payment collection and follow-on customer service. Fulfillment service pricing includes a per item handling fee, per pound rate and per cubic feet of storage charge. Features and benefits include...

  • Storing your inventory within Amazon.com's proven network of fulfillment centers
  • Managing your inventory online
  • Outsourcing pick, pack and shipment of your items as orders are placed
  • Enabling your customers to benefit from Amazon.com's free shipping programs, including Amazon Prime
  • Outsourcing post-order customer services for general inquiries, returns and refunds

Which Solution Fits

Like most business situations, determining what solution is right for your business begins with identifying what the problem or challenge is. Select from any one of the following examples to learn more about which eCommerce solution might be best for your business needs:

How it All Works

Listing your products for sale in Amazon's established marketplace; establishing your own eCommerce Web presence in the Amazon sales network; or outsourcing order fulfillment begins with a few easy steps.

Sales by Product Listing

  1. List. Use easy interface to upload items to Seller Central
  2. Look. View email notification of orders placed for your item(s)
  3. Ship. Pack and ship your order or outsource order fulfillment
  4. Earn. Receive notification by email of payments deposited to your account for sales closed

Sales by website

  1. Register. Request registration access information to register online and confirm product categories
  2. Populate Catalog. Upload product descriptions and images
  3. Customize. Adjust your eCommerce website layout with banner graphics and other custom images
  4. Sell. Millions of existing Amazon customer accounts may now begin purchasing with established order processing and tracking handled by Amazon Services

Sales Fulfillment Services

  1. Send Inventory. Request registration information for labeling, packing and shipping your items to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) an Amazon Fulfillment Services Group.
  2. Manage Inventory. Confirm fulfillment center receipt and manage inventories online
  3. Earn. FBA picks, packs and ships as orders are received combining with other items ordered and disburses payment to you
  4. Learn. FBA manages post-order customer service processing returns and communications accordingly

Glossary of Terms

Establishing and maintaining a productive and profitable online presence requires a familiarity with a few new terms. Visit the Glossary of Terms for further instructions and for making the most of your eCommerce experience.

10 Great Reasons to Sell Online with Amazon.com™ Services


  1. Introduce your products to more buyers with access to millions of active customer accounts
  2. Leverage established online sales channel with 30 million visitors per month
  3. Take advantage of a robust, proven eCommerce technology platform
  4. Minimize time, money and hassle of shipping in-house with order fulfillment services
  5. Utilize existing secure payment processing and fraud protection channel
  6. Pass on cost savings to customers with shipping discount programs
  7. Outsource post-order customer services for returns and refunds
  8. Manage sales transactions and inventory levels online
  9. Save time, money and hassle selling through an established sales channel that provides proven marketing and payment processing technologies, innovative eCommerce platform and order fulfillment services
  10. Sell more - generate revenues - improve profits

Where to Begin

Use a convenient online form to arrange for an Amazon Services Business Solutions representative to contact you to discuss the best eCommerce solution for your business.

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