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eCommerce Glossary of Terms

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Review the terms below to gain a better understanding of the features and benefits offered through the Amazon Services Business Solutions program.

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Add/Modify/Delete - Choose this option to upload a batch of listings containing additions, modifications, and/or deletions to current inventory.

Amazon Marketplace - Marketplace gives you the chance to list items for sale directly on the detail page where™ sells the same item new.

Amazon Payments - Amazon Payments enables you to accept credit cards as payment for your sales through™. Amazon Payments is the only accepted payment method for the Marketplace platform.

Amazon Prime - A membership based express shipping option that provides the convenience of 1-Click ordering with free two-day shipping on eligible purchases or overnight shipping for a fixed fee per item to addresses in the continental United States. Items in multiple-item orders are shipped as soon as they're available-at no extra charge. And you can invite family members living in your household to share the benefits. As an Amazon Prime member, you won't have to think about shipping charges when you order.

Batch ID - Clicking on the Batch ID number results in a list of attributes of each item successfully loaded onto the site, including the title and listing ID number, program (Marketplace, zShops, or both), SKU, quantity, and price.

Book Loader - The tool that allows Pro Merchant booksellers to upload thousands of listings in one file specific to the Books product line.

Error Log - A tab-delimited report containing information regarding any errors and warnings in a seller's batch upload.

Errors - Errors refer to listings that contain inadequate or flawed information and are thus prevented from being uploaded to the site (e.g., they contain inappropriate language, are missing a required field, have no price, etc.).

File Headers - Required column headers needed to successfully upload a text tab-delimited file.

Inventory Loader - The tool that allows Pro Merchant sellers to upload thousands of listings in one file to all product lines.

Modify/Delete - Fields that can be modified in the Modify/Delete option are price and quantity.

Pro Merchant Subscription - The monthly subscription fee charged to sellers for use of bulk inventory tools and other benefits.

Purge and Replace - Choose this option to update your entire online inventory.

Quick Fix File - A tab-delimited report of a seller's failed listings. It contains only the error rows that did not get uploaded to the site due to missing required information or inappropriate information. The seller can fix the applicable errors and re-upload the file.

Sales Fulfillment - The process of receiving, packaging and shipping orders for goods.

SKU - An SKU is the "stock keeping unit" number that allows sellers to identify their listings. Standard Book Format: The text tab-delimited file with specific column headers needed for uploading via the Book Loader.

Summary Log - The summary of a UIEE upload with no errors.

Text Tab-Delimited - File saved in text tab-delimited format.

UIEE Format - The standardized catalog format for booksellers (UIEE is an acronym for Universal Information Exchange Environment).

Warnings - Warnings refer to listings that are still uploaded to our system, but whose appearance may be altered (e.g., your title exceeded the maximum number of allowed characters and has been truncated).

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