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Maximize your business success by launching a proven business franchise model that best fits your interests and management style. Discover hundreds of franchise models and learn about their respective success factors such as a recognized brand name, marketing strategy, operational framework, site selection criteria and financing model, as well as ongoing expert guidance and training. Match your entrepreneurial spirit with a "plug and play" business success technique.

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Why Franchising

Franchising provides a proven business system. Goods and services already possess brand recognition, which helps to drive sales faster when the business opens in a new location.

Franchising is a structured process that allows the franchisor to expand market share through a network of independent business partners (franchisees). Franchisees benefit from a recognized business brand and well developed business system. There are hundreds of franchises to choose from given your own personality and interests making it easier to achieve the dream of "doing what you love and love what your doing" while making a comfortable living. For example, choose by:

Choosing a Franchise

Your BUZGate™ Sponsor, Franchise Solutions, has made it easy to discover and thoroughly research franchise opportunities based on personal interests and management style by:


Franchise Matching Service

For additional assistance with choosing a business or franchise that is right for you, FranchiseBuyer provides a free matching service whereby a consultant will work with you to develop a personal profile including lifestyle preferences, desired investment level, prior experience and future goals. Based on your input, a short list of franchise opportunities is introduced that is uniquely matched or suited, to your interests, personal and business objectives.

Who is Franchising For

Franchising is best suited for someone who wants to be in business for themselves, but seeks to minimize the risk that is associated with starting a new venture or business idea from scratch.

Franchising Support

Where there are built-in success components once you choose a franchise, there are also established resources on the "front end" to help you to determine if franchising is right for you and how to move forward if so:

Franchising for Veterans

Hundreds of different franchises seek former military personnel to buy their businesses offering a range of incentives, training, funding and other support programs.

As a veteran, you are one of a select group of motivated and disciplined individuals well suited to business ownership. Franchising companies know that both you and they will benefit from your ownership of their franchise businesses. Discover a range of options for you to be your own boss as you explore your post-military career:

Franchising for Women

More and more women are becoming successful entrepreneurs at all kinds of ventures. Choose from the following list what types of Franchise Opportunities might interest you:

International Franchises

Are you looking to own and operate a franchise in one of the following countries? If so click on the country you wish to franchise in to search from companies developing in the following areas and learn about international opportunities:

Franchising Equation

Franchising refers to a relationship between the owner of an established business model and/or brand, and an individual or group who wants to use that business model and/or brand in a specific and often exclusive location.

The franchisor provides some margin of protection against the risk of failure through an established and required business approach and the franchisee pays a portion of revenues to the franchisor for this built-in protection and support. The relationship evolves over time each party researching and getting to know the other; shared recognition of shortcomings and differences and, ultimately, productive communication and mutual growth.

Franchisee Role
Franchisor Role

Franchising FAQ's

Learn from the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how and why franchising may be of interest to you:

  1. What's the difference between a Franchise and a Business Opportunity?
  2. What is franchising?
  3. How does a franchisor make money?
  4. How widespread is franchising?
  5. What should I consider before buying a franchise?
  6. What can a franchise do for me that I cannot do for myself?
  7. What kinds of businesses lend themselves to franchising?
  8. How can I find a lawyer that specializes in franchising?
  9. What kinds of franchises are out there?
  10. Where can I find additional sources of available capital and help getting financed?
  11. How do you explain the success rate for franchised businesses?
  12. What is the history of franchising?
  13. Are there any current trends in franchising?

Financing the Franchise

Many franchises have an initial payment requirement to "buy-into" the established business system model. Often they will specify a "net worth" requirement, which may be determined using a convenient online Net Worth Calculator .

Learn about Financing with Retirement Funds as an innovative approach to buying a franchise or business without taking a taxable distribution or taking out a loan.

Franchising Glossary

Franchising, as with most other areas of business, contains some industry-specific terms and expressions. Visit the Franchise Glossary to better understand the language of franchising in order to make more informed choices.

10 Great Reasons For Franchising

While one of the main reasons for considering franchising is to maximize success by implementing a proven business system model, there are other factors that support this approach as a technique for attaining professional satisfaction, financial independence and quality of life:

  1. Reduce risk choosing a proven franchise business system to sell established products and services
  2. Research franchise opportunities to connect with a business model and support system that works for you
  3. Efficiently view business opportunities and contact those of interest to tap a wealth of knowledge and support assistance
  4. Explore an extensive array of options
  5. Discover an innovative approach to financing
  6. Learn from others through their success stories
  7. Understand by Type of Industry, what business opportunities best suit your interest and entrepreneurial spirit
  8. Broadcast your needs and interests to have an expert contact you at your convenience
  9. Learn about existing franchising opportunities where a proven revenue track record and market opportunity has been established
  10. Do what you love - love what you do by building a business that suites your goals and lifestyle

Where to Begin

Your educational sponsor, Franchise Solutions offers a form you can complete to get free specific information about franchises you may be interested in. If you already know your own strengths, interests, and skills, you may want to go directly to an extensive listing of available franchises. If you are unsure whether franchising is right for you, review franchise FAQs; other's success stories, or franchising tips .

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