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Incorporation, Registration and Filings

Provided by Buzgate.org Small Business Resource Referral Network, content partner for the SME Toolkit.

Form a corporation, LLC, or nonprofit in any state, as well as perform other business filing related activities cost-effectively and conveniently online.

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Types of Business Entities

Review the following types of business entities from eleven (11) different viewpoints including formation, management and control, owner's liability, ability to raise capital, federal taxation, transferability of ownership, fringe benefits, deductibility of losses, availability of special allocations, basis adjustments at death and eligibility to be an equity holder:

Entity Selection Tool

Use easy, interactive online tool to determine what type of business entity to form and in what state it might be most beneficial to do so. Your BUZGate™ educational sponsor, BizFilings, has developed a tool called the Formation Assistant, which is accessible under "Useful Tools" in the left navigation of the BizFilings home page.

Registering a Nonprofit

Incorporating as a nonprofit is similar to incorporating as a for-profit in that articles of incorporation must be filed along with the establishment of by-laws, regulations, and operational requirements. Regulations vary by state. Visit Non-Profit FAQs for more valuable help.

International Company Registrations

For companies without a mailing address in the United States, a corporation or LLC may be established for doing business. These entities are not intended for foreign nationals living in the US or for international companies that have a US operating address. To learn about banking requirements, state filing fees, and obtaining a Registration Package, visit Formation - Non-US Clients

Learn About Incorporating

There are several choices in registering a new business entity. Visit the links below to make an informed decision.

Helpful Tips

View a wealth of business filing related articles on topics of General or Special Interests, or experience Audio or Video training programs. A sampling of topics include:


Small Business Information

Access a list of the most common start-up steps with the Business Start-up Checklist

Other Services

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Where to Begin

To learn more about business filing services, select from any one of the following options:

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"BizFilings is the Internet leader in providing incorporation and related services to small business owners. Since its inception in 1996, BizFilings has helped over 150,000 domestic and international business owners with their corporation, limited liability company, and nonprofit formation needs."

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