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Save money and time while simplifying payroll processing with an outside payroll provider who will keep accurate records, calculate and disburse payroll taxes, communicate effectively with employees and much more.

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Contact ADP for a payroll quote.

Solution Builder

Find the ADP products and services that best fit your company's needs. Visit the online Solution Builder and enter the number of employees you pay and your zip code to learn more about the benefits in outsourcing payroll.

Payroll Management

Submit payroll by phone, fax, your PC or securely on line to generate checks, vouchers and reports. Manage disbursements, direct deposits, check signing and record keeping as follows:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • General Ledger Interface
  • W2 and 1099 Processing

Tax & Compliance

Maintain peace of mind by remaining compliant and alleviating much of the administrative burden that comes with payroll processing, tax filing and employee tracking with the following services:

  • Tax & Labor Management
  • Tax Services
  • Tax Filing

Employee Screening & Selection

Leverage your time in other ways by partnering with  a payroll provider to manage pre- and post-hiring activities such as background checking, job fit assessment testing, drug screening, certified HR support, and more.

Broadcast your needs

Visit ADP and select Contact Us in the top menu bar to request that an experienced payroll specialist contact you.

Benefits Management

Save money and time managing benefits as part of your payroll service package, such as:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Simple IRA
  • 401K Plan

Time & Labor Management

Manage Time and Attendance on line with easy employee interface options.

Worker's Compensation

Worker compensation coverage is a statutory requirement in almost every state when you employ a certain number of persons, either full or part-time. A payroll service provider can help you partner with the right insurance provider as well as improve your cash flow, reduce administrative expense, and maintain accurate accounting of worker's compensation components.

Payroll Tool Box

Knowledge and human resource tools at your fingertips online including:

  • Payroll Facts
  • Payroll Forms
  • Tax Calculation Tables
  • Payroll FAQs
  • Payroll & Tax Monitor
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Penalty & Interest Rates
  • State Wage & Tax Profiles
  • City Tax Code Locator
  • Wage Garnishment Ref. Card
  • Statutory Requirements

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"At ADP, small business is our business. We created a division specifically to address the unique needs of small businesses, which offer the services, tools, and resources that provide a competitive edge without overburdening budgets."

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