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Sales Proposal Templates

Provided by Buzgate.org Small Business Resource Referral Network, content partner for the SME Toolkit.

Small Business Sales Proposal

Templates & Software

Use Sales Proposal Templates & automation software that are proven, comprehensive, affordable and professional to save time, close prospective new clients and generate add-on business with existing clients. Broad selection provides ideal solutions for general business sales and non-profit grant funding, as well as IT, web, software, hardware, photography and other technology businesses packages.

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Why Proposal Templates

Time is money. Most importantly for a small business, taking advantage of what the experts have already developed for you when it's at a price you can afford, is smart business. Also smart is closing the sale the first time around, which is most often the result of a well organized, professional sales proposal that best presents your capabilities and advantages.

Your BUZGate™ educational Sponsor introduces Proposal Packs that are recognized for their organization, comprehensiveness and professionalism. Self-guiding Templates make them easy to customize so that you can clearly convey to your prospective client who you are, what you can do, what you propose to do for them, and most importantly, how they will benefit from the product or service you provide. There is a Proposal Pack for practically any type of sales proposal:

  • General business proposals
  • Technical proposals
  • Product sales proposals
  • Service proposals
  • Short form contracts
  • Grant funding proposals
  • Business plan funding proposals
  • Book publishing proposals
  • Letter proposals
  • Quotes

What's in a Proposal Pack

There are over 140 pre-formatted proposal templates including:

  • Standard cover letter
  • Title page
  • Executive summary
  • Cost summary
  • Work order contracts
  • Non-disclosure protection agreement
  • 20 sample proposals
  • proposal writing checklists
  • proposal writing manuals and guides
  • And more...

You choose from over 80 different "look and feel" graphic themes (each sold separately) to have the color, font and images that best represent your business offerings. Drop in your own logo and refine your template as much as you need to present the right professional image to close the sale.

Who Uses Sales Proposal Templates

Most any type of business can gain a competitive advantage through a professional looking and well organized sales proposal. Learn from over 150 testimonials, comments and reviews how others from around the globe have benefited using proven sales and contract templates.

  • Artists
  • Consulting
  • Education/Training
  • Food
  • Services
  • Freelance
  • Nonprofit
  • Photography
  • Health
  • High Technology
  • Human Resources
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Retail
  • Service Providers
  • Maintenance/Janitor
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing/PR
  • Media
  • Multimedia
  • Software
  • Web

Ease of Use

Surf easy Online Tutorials to learn how simple it is to use any Proposal Kit product. Choose the style, format and topic that suits your business and will help you to close the sale:

  • Where to begin
  • Flash Tutorials for animated learning
  • Product Overviews
  • The Proposal Process

BUZ Member Discount

As a BUZGate.org member you are eligible for a 15% discount on any Proposal Kit products. When ordering any products from ProposalKit.com, enter the discount code term, BUZGateSPECIAL, into the "refer/upgrade" field on the order form.

Proposal Wizard

To make it even easier for anyone to put together professional sales and contract proposals, a Proposal Pack Wizard is available as an optional interface to make the process of picking, copying, combining and mail merging your documents faster and efficient. This automated feature frees you from re-creating and re-entering information in the various sales related documents; e.g., cover letter, scope of work, contract, agreements, etc.

Best Practices

Learn from best practices to help you save time and money while improving your ability to close more sales. Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of business proposal in any industry and include sample proposals to illustrate the broad range of uses.

Volume 1 Volume 3
  • Micro Website Project Proposal
  • Micro PowerPoint Project Proposal
  • Small Business Website Project Proposal
  • Large Business Website + CD-ROM Proposal
  • CD-ROM Development Proposal
  • Business Services / Consulting Sample Proposal
  • Technology Consulting Services Sample Proposal
  • Janitorial Services Sample Proposal
  • Product Sale Sample Proposal
  • Personal Resume Sample Proposal Development Proposal
Volume 2 Volume 4
  • Accounting and Payroll Services Proposal
  • CD-ROM Marketing Materials Creation Proposal
  • IT Product & Service Sales Proposal
  • Food Services Proposal
  • Corporate Identity Creation Proposal
  • Book Publishing Proposal
  • Technology Business Plan
  • Educational Grant Proposal
  • Retail Location Business Plan
  • Grant Funding Proposal #2

Creating Great Proposals

View details to the following 9-Step approach for creating accurate estimates and proposals:

  1. Read the "Proposal Kit" documentation and online tutorials
  2. Edit each of the base Proposal Kit documents using a variety of operation system and word processing platforms
  3. Have a prospective client. View helpful resources about how to sell your offerings.
  4. Conduct an extensive interview using an 80-Question Interview Worksheet
  5. Create a storyboard of diagram
  6. Generate the estimate
  7. Generate the client documents by filling in the proposal template blanks
  8. After the proposal is accepted, create the project
  9. Market the projecct

Project Implementation

You got the prospect, you pitched the deal and you closed the sale - now what?

  • Project development and deployment
  • Ongoing sales maintenance
  • Other resources

10 Great Reasons to Use Proposal Templates

Time is money. Most importantly for a small business, taking advantage of what the experts have already developed for you when it's at a price you can afford, is smart business. In addition to the obvious benefits of being able to land more clients and close more sales, below are other great reasons for using a sales Proposal Pack solution:

  1. Technical support and custom services
  2. Most cost-effective solution (let us know if you can find another solution that compares)
  3. Downloadable products (no need to wait for shipped products)
  4. One-time license fee for current version (no recurring monthly or yearly subscription fees)
  5. No risk/low cost future upgrades (free if purchased within 3 months of an upgrade, else discounted)
  6. Unlimited proposals and contracts (no extra charges for how many you write)
  7. Easy setup and use (no need to hire consultants to setup the products)
  8. Pre-designed documents ready to use (allows you to start immediately)
  9. Component based system (can be further customized to fit any need)
  10. Designed for small-medium size businesses, freelancers, individuals/groups in larger companies.

Where to Begin

Choose from any one of the following options to learn more or begin taking advantage of "plug-and-play" sales proposal and contract solutions that can help your business land more clients and close more sales:

About Your Sponsor

"Since 1997, Proposal Kit has been providing pre-written proposal templates, automation software, sample proposals, detailed contracts and other business templates to help businesses improve performance, land more clients and make more money. Products are ideally suited to small businesses and priced affordably to support IT, web, software, media, photography, multimedia and other technology professionals, as well as general business and nonprofit clients. Tens of thousands of businesses and freelancers in over 100 countries use Proposal Kit solutions."

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