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Stop SPAM with three simple email rules

Content provided by the Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA)

Flooded by SPAM? Use your existing email program to guarantee your Inbox is 100% SPAM free

SPAM driving you nuts?

What a waste of time; sifting through your Inbox and trying to determine which emails are actually from valid contacts and which are SPAM. I too was flooded with SPAM until I developed these rules as a simple technique to ensure my Inbox was SPAM free. Although the SPAM keeps coming in, it's much easier to deal with now.

Rule 1: Only see emails from your contacts

Using simple email rules available in most email programs, you too can get rid of unwanted SPAM.

o Create a new folder in your email program, name it Suspected SPAM

o Then create a new email rule for all incoming emails: If the email is NOT from one of your contacts, move it to the Suspected SPAM folder. Viola! No more emails from people you don't know in your email box!

Great! But what if someone you know sends you email and is not on your contact list?

It happens: you're at a networking event and hand out tons of business cards. People then email you before you can add them to your contact list. This is where rule number two comes in:

Rule 2: On your business card, under the email address it states "If you email me, please use 555 in the subject line." The email will then bypass all your rules and will directly go into your Inbox. No questions asked. So if you want someone's email to get through, create a new rule which will then allow emails with a specific number of your choice to reach your Inbox.

Rule 3: Start your own SPAM filter

Start your own list of SPAM keywords. Delete any emails that contain any words you specify in the Subject line or the From address. Now when you get email that is NOT from anyone on your contact list AND has any of the banned words in youy list, it gets deleted automatically. Sure, it takes a while to add words to your rule, but only add a few at a time, and after a few weeks it really started to payoff!

With these three simple rules (add them in the order above to make the process work), you will be able to take back your Inbox!

Content copyrighted by the Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA)

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