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Environmental Mentoring: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities

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Source: National Environmental Education & Training Foundation

New technologies and management strategies that have emerged over the past 25 years have empowered the field of environmental management to address increasingly complex environmental issues. Environmental management systems can help companies green their supply chains, emphasize pollution prevention over pollution control, and more. But learning how to implement an EMS can be a daunting and costly process, especially for smaller businesses. According to this report from the National Environmental Education & Training Foundation, one promising and increasingly popular solution is to seek mentoring.

This report discusses how environmental mentoring works, its benefits for both mentors and mentees, and the keys to making mentoring programs effective. Analyzing the results of five real-life mentoring programs, NEETF discusses the structure of mentoring programs, presents methods for measuring success, and lists the successes and challenges presented by each individual case.


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