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Small Business Credit Services

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Help improve your purchasing power, spending flexibility, expense control and cost savings with the right small business Charge and Credit Card Services. Select services that provide convenient access to working capital, robust online business tools and purchasing discounts.

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Why Business Credit Services

Credit is an integral part of any business strategy. Why it's used, when it's used and how it's used can have a profound effect on the rate of business growth and profitability.

Credit Services offer tools that include charge cards, credit cards, loans and lines of credit. Understanding the cost variables associated with each Credit Service tool, as well as the associated business benefit will help you to select the right Credit Service or combination of Credit Services relative to your specific business needs. Below are examples of various types of costs and benefits associated with Credit Service tools.

Cost Variables Business Benefits

Business Spending Tools

How your business spends its financial resources can be further managed and tracked by using various Credit Service tools. With detailed reports on business spending habits at your fingertips, you can improve cost controls to support profitability. Learn more by selecting any one of the following three Credit Service tools:

  • Charge Cards for facilitating spending on a monthly basis without applicable finance charges when paid in full each month
  • Credit Cards for facilitating spending on a routine basis at low annual percentage rates (APRs) when making payments over time
  • Loans and Credit Lines for facilitating spending on larger purchases or routine expense needs where payments may be made over time


Business Savings & Rewards Programs

All businesses spend money. Get something in return by aligning various business expenses with Business Credit Services that offer savings and reward programs. Certain Business Credit Cards include "built-in" savings for gasoline, rental car and overnight shipping service purchases, as well as point programs, purchase discounts, cash back and incentives such as:


Business Purchase Discounts

Another feature to look for when selecting a Business Credit Card is the type and scope of Purchase Discounts offered to your business; such as office supplies, travel, dining and other routine expenditures. Ideally, such purchase discounts are reflected on your monthly statement each time you do business with the qualifying vendor and are independent of any other periodic discounts or special pricing offered by the vendor directly. Select from the following links to gain a further perspective on the types of purchase discounts that may be available to you and your business:


Business Expense Management

The success is in the details. With today’s Web-based Credit Service tools, you can track expenses, pay bills online, establish Credit Account alerts and perform a variety of other financial management tasks to minimize costs and maximize profits.

Expense Account Control

Did you know that you now have the option to monitor your business expenses 24-7 by scheduling account alerts to automatically advise you via e-mail or wireless device on the following financial issues?


24/7 Customer Service

If your Business Credit Card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect Credit Card fraud, you want access to help and answers immediately regardless of when or where you are. For these reasons and others, be sure to select a small business Credit Services provider that offers 24/7 Customer Service.

Credit Services Choices

View a sampling of business Credit Services options to determine which service might be the right choice for your businesses financial needs. Select a Credit Service by:


Credit Terminologies

Understanding some of the basic Credit Services Terms will help you to make more informed decisions when selecting Credit Services for your business needs.

10 Great Reasons to Utilize Small Business Credit Services

Most all small businesses can benefit from utilizing some form of Credit Services. Below are 10 Great Reasons why it might make sense for your business:

  1. Facilitate and track spending patterns on a monthly basis without any finance charges
  2. Facilitate and track spending patterns while also spreading out payments as cash flow supports at manageable monthly interest rates
  3. Access capital as needed and repay over time with a business credit line up to $100,000.00
  4. Manage business spending with convenient online services including bill pay, account access, expense reporting and charge resolution
  5. Access customer service where you need it and when you need it
  6. Set up account alert notices via email or wireless device to monitor account activities
  7. Align common expense purchases with reward programs for business savings and cash back
  8. Monitor employee spending activities with online reporting and timely alert services
  9. Take advantage of purchase discounts on supplies and services; travel and dining; and business building tools
  10. Save time, money and improve accounting with compatible Credit Services for your business needs


Where to Begin

To begin benefiting from business Credit Services, be sure to choose the right Credit Card for your business needs. For more information, call 1-800-NOW-OPEN (1-800-669-6736) to apply for a Card or loan. Terms and conditions apply.

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