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Small Business Bookkeeping & Accounting System

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Run your whole business better - use a secure online system for managing your total business operation including bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, sales, inventory, production, and finance. It's affordable, easy to use and supports multiple users.

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Why a Bookkeeping/Accounting System?

In today's complex environment, you must use fully-integrated accounting and management systems to operate your business effectively. Unfortunately, until now, the choices have been either too complex and expensive, or too simple minded and/or disconnected to give you the answers you need. You can now use an affordable comprehensive online management control system that is accounting based and expressly designed for small/medium business applications.

Having one business management system that productively integrates all core operational functions allows you, your employees and your business advisors to work seamlessly together. Select any one of the topics below to learn how.


Bookkeeping vs. Total Business Management System Approach

Traditionally, small businesses have benefited from being able to utilize bookkeeping/accounting systems that, to a degree, integrated a general ledger with activities such as writing checks, generating invoices and tracking accounts receivables.

Today's business environment, however, requires small businesses to be on top of all other aspects of their business operations as well. This may include sales, production, inventory, shipping, marketing, VRM and CRM, as well as the basic bookkeeping and accounting functionalities.

These new business systems must allow the parts to support the whole and, in turn, the whole to support the parts. It is no longer efficient to have one person, such as a bookkeeper, keying in data received from other departments. Instead, data needs to be entered where and when it is generated and integrated to provide the management information needed to support ongoing decision-making. To learn more, view sample business transaction flow.

Types of Users

The NetBooks Small Business Management Control System is ideal for supporting multiple users within the company, who each contribute to different aspects of the business success, including:

  • Accountant/CFO
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business Owner
  • Inside/Outside Sales
  • Managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about the features and benefits offered by the NetBooks integrated Business Management Control System by selecting any one of the following frequently asked questions:


What is SaaS?

SaaS refers to Software as a Service. Other terms include Software on Demand, On-demand Applications, and On-Demand Software, which are referring to a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

This cost-effective solution allows users to "time-share" applications that otherwise might be far too expensive to purchase, and avoid the complexity and cost of maintaining and updating software applications in their own business environment.

Why SaaS?

NetBooks is an example of a SaaS model that allows your business to avoid the high cost and hassles of purchasing, managing, periodically upgrading and supporting different software applications needed to address different aspects of your business. With NetBooks, you can access an integrated system to manage sales, production, inventory, shipping, bookkeeping, marketing, VRM and CRM functions all on-line seamlessly, affordably and securely.

10 Great Reasons

A key component of business success is sound management control. Below are 10 great reasons why utilizing an integrated Business Management Control System such as NetBooks, may be a wise choice for supporting your business success:

  1. A total business management solution for small business needs
  2. Powerful enough to run your whole business, yet simple enough that everyone in your company can use it
  3. Multi-platform for either Windows of Mac applications
  4. Fully redundant, continuous data back-up
  5. Security equal to that in place by leading banking institutions
  6. Free support, upgrades and training
  7. Affordable, fixed pricing guaranteed
  8. Full control over who accesses what
  9. Avoid time and costs associated with maintaining in-house software solutions
  10. Improve profits while maximizing decision making capabilities and minimizing costs


Where to Begin

Select any one of the following options to begin improving your ability to manage your overall operation:


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"NetBooks revolutionizes the way small businesses are managed by delivering a complete small business management control system that integrates sales, production, inventory, shipping, bookkeeping, marketing, VRM and CRM and supports multiple users in a secure online environment."


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