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Should I Use the Wire?

Content provided by PR Newswire Association LLC and the PR Toolkit , an educational resource provided by PR Newswire

You may be asking yourself, how do I know if the wire is right for my company? In, fact, using the wire can be beneficial to all companies trying to increase awareness about their business. The following are some of the reasons our members have chosen to use PR Newswire to distribute their news:


Sending your news release over the wire is the most effective way to get your news to the media. All news releases distributed by PR Newswire are delivered directly into the central editing computers at daily newspapers, newsweeklies, national news services (like the AP, Dow Jones, Reuters), trade publications and broadcast newsrooms. Additionally, all releases are archived in more than 4,000 Web sites, databases and online services (like Yahoo!, MSN.com, and AOL.com) where they are accessible by millions, including journalists, investors and general consumers. This is important to our members because their news releases are accessible in the locations where the media go to get raw material for their stories.


For more than 50 years, PR Newswire has been viewed by the media as a valuable source for legitimate and accurate news. Distributing your news over PR Newswire can help smaller companies gain credibility and visibility as their news is intermingled alongside releases from major corporations.

High Visibility

Each day savvy consumers and investors turn to the Internet to gather information. Search engines are becoming the most popular way to gather this information, in fact, everyday there are approximately 550 million searches worldwide using 50 million keywords. PR Newswire has the capability to optimize each release to make them most attractive to the leading seach engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Ask Jeeves, providing a completely new level of visibility for news releases.

Saves Time and Money

Sending your release over the wire is less than the cost of postage. The standard news release that runs about 400 words can be sent to all media in your state, plus trade publications, and also distributed to more than 4,000 Web sites, online services and databases for as little at $180. If targeting a national audience, you can send to more than 22,000 media points across the country for only $680. Additionally, as a member of PR Newswire you will receive these benefits and many more:

  • Access to the world's largest news and information distribution network
  • Extraordinary Internet and trade media reach with every news release
  • Dedicated media relations staff that cultivates an audience for members' news
  • Complimentary monitoring and feedback to gauge success of communications
  • A 24/7 customer support network
  • Consultation and guidance to maximize targeting efforts
  • One-on-one Feature News counseling
  • Sophisticated interactive news release technologies
  • Unique opportunities to interact with members of the media
  • Secure upload site for releases, images and other files at www.prndirect.com

Join over 40,000 members worldwide, Request More Information on becoming a PR Newswire member.

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