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Receive free and discounted services valued at more than
$2,000 when you become a new PR Newswire member.

These benefits include:

  • Waiver of first year PR Newswire membership fee (value of $195)

  • FREE MediaAtlas™ Microlist with first domestic news distribution (value up to $525)

  • Discounts on eWatch™ Web Pubs (up to 50% OFF)

  • Discounts on ProfNet (50% OFF)

  • Discount on NewsCom Photo Archival (50% OFF)

  • Discount on Basic Multimedia New Release (25% OFF)

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Wire Distribution:

PR Newswire's newslines (referred to cumulatively as "the Wire") distribute company and organizational news in text, audio and video to thousands of print and broadcast news outlets, wire services and trade publications throughout the world.There is no better way to get the word out about your company than by using PR Newswire. By using PR Newswire newslines your message will reach:

  • More than 4,200 newsrooms, putting your news on the desks of the appropriate reporters

  • More than 5,000 Web sites, search engines and online databases giving your release a potential audience of millions

  • Related trade publications across the nation

  • PR Newswire's media-only Web site where more than 80,000 credentialed journalists go to get news and information

  • Journalists looking for expert testimony when working on deadline

  • Venture capitalists and other potential investment sources

Web-only Distribution:

Our small business Web-only distribution harnesses the power of the Web by delivering your  news to more than 5,000 Web sites, databases and online services such as MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL. The enormous amount of traffic on these sites gives your news release the potential audience of millions. Smaller companies benefit because their news is intermingled alongside news releases from major corporations. This distribution also includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimized news releases will become "search engine friendly" for six months and will be optimized for search conducted on mobile devices. You will receive reporting on keywords and search engines used to find your news, as well as click-throughs to your home page or product site.


MEDIAtlas Microlists supplement wire distribution to reach reporters at niche publications and those who cover specific industry beats. Each list is made up of a number of journalists who have requested to receive news releases relating to a specific topic he or she covers, and releases are delivered according to journalist preference (email or fax). (As a small business member you are entitled to one (1) complimentary Microlist with the purchase of your first domestic newsline.)

Photo Archive:

Post any of your company's pictures directly into the NewsCom Archive. There are over 8,000 national and international subscribers actively browsing PR Newswire photos on the site. Photos are archived on NewsCom for one year for an unlimited usage fee of just $125, this is a 50% savings!

ProfNet Queries Subscription:

ProfNet helps you gain exposure for your business by promoting your spokespeople or experts to the media. With ProfNet Queries you will receive a daily feed of e-mail queries--media opportunities-- from reporters looking for sources to provide expert comment and other input on stories they are working on. As a small business member you will receive your first industry category of Profnet Queries for only $650 and additional categories for $150. (50% OFF)


The premier online monitoring service available. eWatch scans hundreds of thousands of articles each day and delivers the most relevant articles directly to your inbox, or our password protected Web site. The Web site is continuously updated with your latest news so that you can have the news while it is still actionable, instead of several weeks later. (Save up to 50%) 

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