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Collaborate with business partners via Sametime Unyte

What is Lotus Sametime Unyte Share?

A quick and easy way to bring people and information together online. Use it to show documents, applications and your entire desktop with anyone, anytime, anywhere. This is a perfect way to share documents with business partners or colleagues who are not in the same location.  Imagine being able to walk through a spreadsheet with your partner in another city or being able to pitch a new idea to a client across the globe - all without the high cost of travel!

Begin using Sametime Unyte today with free 1:1 sharing.  As a bonus, you will receive 30 days of free service to connect up to four participants!

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How much does it cost?


There is no charge for the one-on-one sharing service. If you would like to upgrade and take advantage of additional features to enhance your next meeting, check out what's available in the paid version of Lotus Sametime Unyte Share.

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Is Lotus Sametime Unyte Share secure?


All Lotus Sametime Unyte Share communication is secure. The Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service invitation keys are unique and nearly impossible to guess. Access to Lotus Sametime Unyte Share user’s system can not be granted without explicit permission by the user. 

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What is included with the no-charge version of Lotus Sametime Unyte Share?


The Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service offers a no charge plug-in that allows you to conference with one participant. It includes desktop viewing, security features to protect your privacy and person-to-person communication - all delivered through a Web-based application. For a complete comparison

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fiorenzo bertolotti  |  October 24, 2012
UNYTE is no longer available as complimentary tool! So either you take it away or substitute with something else!