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SME Small Business Training Overview - English Transcripts

Part of the Buzgate / SME Toolkit Learning Series

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The interesting question is…why did we start BuzGate?…why are we all here doing what we’re doing and why are we working with the SME Toolkit?

The answer is really simple.  The reality is that small businesses need to know some very basic things in order to succeed and these basic things haven’t changed over a great many years.  They are not race or gender specific, they are just the fundamental rules of success.  We know what they are and we can convey them and the challenge is to put them into a context that people can relate to


BuzGate is an information aggregator, reduction and translation program.  If you do a Google search and come back with 100 million returns, how do you know what to trust?  How do you know where the information is that you really need?  The answer is that’s it’s in there somewhere and somebody better go in there and find because you don’t have the time to.

That’s what we’ve taken on as our job.  So our aggregation is to pull together the important information, the reduction is to pull out of this huge mass of information the kernels of information that people need to understand and know about …and the translation is to take information, de-jargonize the translation, then turn it back into basic English and put it into a context that people can relate to and understand and use in their lives


When we originally decided to build BuzGate, our knowledge was that there were a huge array of very valuable, free public sector business development resources available across America.

Unfortunately, they were significantly invisible to the very users they were designed to help.  So we set out to identify those programs, to cross index them by type of business and geography and put them into context where they could be cross searched by a user

So the user is able to go in and find business planning or marketing development and a variety of other resources …dial into that system of free help and get to a person in their local community that can provide them with the help they need.

And we talk about – that in 3 clicks or less you can go from entering the free help system to getting the name of a human on the ground in your area that can solve your problem.

In doing so, we provided an enormous benefit to these Public Sector folks because we provided them with a free market outreach that they needed and we provided them with a targeted market that they needed even more because in some case they were trying to be all things to all people.


The reality is that starting a small business is a lonely job and often finding someone else to talk with if only to commiserate and agree that it’s a lonely job is a valuable thing.

It gives you a little bit of personal and moral support so, in that regard, networking systems are very valuable and the Internet is certainly one tool for that and there are just a lot of organizations that are built around business networking …becoming part of one of those organizations really helps to fulfill that sense of social purpose that’s so needed.


The underlying question of course as you look at the data is why it is true that women are starting businesses at double the rate of men and, on top of that, are succeeding at double the rate of men.

We know of the pressure of why they’re starting businesses…it has to do with the so-called glass ceiling in America.  We suspect that one of the reasons that they tend to be more successful than men is that they’re willing to use information and willing to ask questions and willing to seek out advice and mentors and benefit from what other people know.

Where oftentimes, the nature in our society is that a man is more inclined to bull his way through the china shop and discover…..there’s no reason we have to discover anything …these truths are there, they’re known fact….take advantage of them….

3:00 (tape #2)

The purpose of filming these segments that we’re working on today is to really introduce the subject matter …to really act as a transition from where we are to accessing the knowledge and information that’s contained in the toolkit, to give them some of the reasons why they need to understand about and use this information and maybe to give them some stories about how other people have used or have not used this information.

All in a way to help people bridge the gap from where they are to move into the content and take advantage of it.

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