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Borderbuster Monthly E-Newsletter (No. 89): April 6, 2009

Distributed by GlobeTrade.com and Designed,To Help Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Activists, Futurists,Academics, Executives and Corporate Risk-Takers Go Global.

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  1.   Welcome From The Publisher
  2.   Update For Our Readers
  3.   International Hiring Faces Overseas Screening Issues*
  4.   Business and Cultural Tips: Have Some Fun!*
  5.   Search Goes Global*
  6.   How I Went Global: Ongoing Series //Susan Bysiewicz and Anne Evans
  7.   A Reader Asks: Q&A*
  8.   Everybody Loves a Freebie -- repeat: FREE OFFER*
  9.   Behind the Heat on Global Deals*
  10.   Senators Suggest Help For Small-Business Exporters*
  11.   Small Biz Opportunities For International Trade*
  12.   Blog World: Small Business Forum Australia
  13.   Laurel's e-Book: "GODZILLA Global Marketing!"
  14.   Take A Walk On The Wild Side (TAWOTWS)
  15.   Wind Behind Your Sail*
  16.   Miscellany: GlobeTrade in the News*

Greetings, Loyal Colleagues, Fabulous Friends and Cheering Fans!

Thank you to so many of you who continue to spread the word about this e-newsletter by talking about it, forwarding it on to colleagues orrecommending it to your collaborators. As a result, we are growing rapidly and becoming known as the best-borderbuster-on-the-planet! Since 1985, we have helped more than one million entrepreneurs, small businesses, activists, futurists, academics, executives and corporate risk-takers go global through our books, articles, education and consulting services.

For those of you who just signed on, this is the latest edition of "Borderbuster," which is produced by author, speaker and educator Laurel Delaney -- herself a successful small business owner with years of experience in taking on the world with her knowledge,products and services. Every month, Laurel briefs you on the basics in all aspects of running a global business -- from finding customers to keeping them, from shipping products to getting paid, from learning about a different culture to becoming a true global netizen. She shares her passion for what is possible and continues to make significant and enduring contributions to the way the world does business.

Many of the articles featured here are marked *subscriber exclusive,* which means they do not appear on the GlobeTrade.com site or GlobalSmall BusinessBlog(http://borderbuster.blogspot.com) -- an added value for members only. Yet if you become too busy to tackle everything here,just revert to the site or the blog to get your global dose for the month.

In this April issue, "Borderbuster" focuses on: how international hiring faces overseas screening issues; how extending a search initiative beyond borders presents its own unique challenges; and how heightened antitrust action may signal creeping protectionism. Our special feature this month is "Exporting Could Be a Key For State Business Success," by Susan Bysiewicz and Anne Evans for The Advocate. They provide us with a closer look at globalization and how it has impacted the economy in Connecticut (refer to No. 6).

In case you are unaware, Laurel is a regular contributor to the American Express OPEN Forum blog. Her contributions focus on offering the latest relevant information on global small business. We'll share links to her entries as they become available (refer below in the Update For Our Readers section).

Enjoy the great content and resources we bring you each month. We hope you learn something new here and apply it today. Membership is free but priceless! Now, let us be brave and fearless about conducting business in our world because, sooner or later, going global will prevail. Every global citizen will know how to do it. Don't be left behind! Start shaping your world today.

Thank you for your support of GlobeTrade.com. It means the world to us. Please contact Laurel if you have any questions, complaints, sound-offs, contributions or compliments concerning "Borderbuster." She'd love to hear from you, so go on and make her day! Her e-mail address is ldelaney@globetrade.com (mailto:ldelaney@globetrade.com)
Let's revolutionize our thinking, get started, bust a border and go global!
No boundaries in 2009,
The Team at GlobeTrade.com

P.S. Sometimes links don't work. If that's the case, please copy and paste the link directly into your browser. And if you blog about one of our features, please attribute the entry to the Borderbuster e-newsletter and include our sign-up link http://www.globetrade.com/borderbuster. Thank you.


We launched a new social enterprise for women entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business across borders. It's called Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global (WEGG) and can hbe found here: http://www.women Entrepreneurs GROW global.org
Experts who have already agreed to be part of this powerful and much needed initiative are:
• Sharon Barner, Partner, Foley & Lardner
• Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends, LLC
• Raman Chadha, Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University
• Linda Darragh, Director, Entrepreneurship Program for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business
• Marsha Firestone, Ph.D., Founder and President, Women Presidents' Organization
• Suzy Fox, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, HRER, Loyola University Chicago, primary research on Successful Women Worldwide
• Dawn Harris, Ph.D., Director, Gannon Center for Women and Leadership, Loyola University Chicago
• Mary Joyce, Network Director, U. S. Department of Commerce, Midwest Export Assistance Center
• Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO, Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.
• Steve King, Founding Partner, Emergent Research
• Carolyn Ockels, Founding Partner, Small Business Labs
• Leslie Schweitzer, Senior Trade Advisor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Creator of the TradeRoots Initiative

Please visit WEGG to read recent entries and to learn more about our mission, vision and expert contributors. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or a sponsor, please contact us at: (ldelaney@globetrade.com) mailto:ldelaney@globetrade.com) or call 773-381-1700.

Listen to Laurel's podcast: 10 Ways To Go Global -- produced by Small Business Trends Radio, hosted by Anita Campbell, and Executive Producer Steve Rucinski. Link to the show post:
Link to audio file:
Recap here in the Comment area:

Small Business Trends
(http://www.smallbiztrends.com/)founder Anita Campbell has invited Laurel to be a regular global small
business contributor to the American Express OPEN Forum blog
(http://blogs.openforum.com/). Anita serves as its Chief Editor. Check out Laurel's latest entries here:

Download our complimentary report, "How to Do Business in Central America and the Dominican Republic:"
http://www.globetrade.com> -- look for the JUST RELEASED button, or access it here: http://tinyurl.com/688mfv>

We listened and now we are delivering results with aglobal business tool developed especially for all our friends, fans,colleagues and peers. The GlobeTrade Wiki Community is a platform where you can connect and help each other. Share a story, edit information,add knowledge, collaborate and, collectively, grow your businesses globally. We are excited about the new community and hope you like what you experience. This gives you something to talk about. Use it to your advantage. GlobeTrade continues to work for you, not the other way around.

To join, go here (it's complimentary):http://globetrade.wetpaint.com/>
It takes about a minute to sign up (don't let the age question deter you from joining). After that, create your own profile and add your picture so we can get to know you better. Together, we can change the world and make it a better place to live. Looking forward to having you on board! See you there.
Remember that the world offers magic to all of us.
Laurel and the GlobeTrade Team


With the global economy struggling, candidates' tendency to embellish their resumes may be on the rise.
Read more at HRO Today Magazine:http://tinyurl.com/caz3jj>


Enjoy. And remember, there is no such thing as a universal attitude.These are just guidelines, so if in doubt while visiting a foreign country, ask.

• In Egypt, it is considered impolite to eat everything on your plate.
• In the Pacific-Asia countries, you should arrange to have business cards printed in English and the local language.Businesspeople will find they will use many cards during their visit to each country.
• In Norway, Norwegians are more restrictive than Americans in using first names, until they get to know you.
• In Canada, avoid taking sides on partition – separation into separate states, French-speaking and English-speaking.
• In Puerto Rico, people stand very close when talking – and moving away could be considered an insult.
• In Chile, business discussions should be preceded by some light conversation.

Source: "Do's and Taboos Around The World" by Roger E.Axtell.


Girls' Guide to the World is a boutique travel site connecting like-minded travelers around the globe. They provide unbiased and insightful tips from a travel community with high expectations and a craving for fashionably experiencing the world.

Learn more here:http://www.girlsguidetotheworld.com>
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Extending a search initiative beyond the borders of the United States presents its own challenges, not the least of which is that it looks easier than it is.
Find out more at Search Engine Watch:

6. HOW I WENT GLOBAL: ONGOING SERIES -- As featured in The Advocate (4/2/09): Find out why the state of Connecticut broke records in 2008 on exports.

Exporting Could Be a Key For State Business Success By Susan Bysiewicz and Anne Evans
As various indicators point to a downward trend for Connecticut'seconomy, one bright spot was that 2008 set a record for the most goods and services ever exported overseas from this state.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Connecticut firms exported a total of $15.3 billion in 2008, an increase of 11 percent over 2007 numbers.At a time when multiple industries are shedding jobs around the state,this is great news!

A closer look at the numbers reveals fascinating aspects about globalization and how it has impacted our economy here in Connecticut.As one might expect, with large manufacturers such as General Electric,Sikorsky Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney, and Hamilton Sunstrand, the bulk of the exports emanating from Connecticut consist of jet and propeller parts for airplanes, helicopter parts, completed helicopters, and industrial equipment for power plants and cooling and heating units. The heavy industrial sector accounted for nearly $8 billion of Connecticut'sexports last year.

There are other areas of the economy, however, that also experienced fantastic export growth in 2008. Overseas sales of pharmaceutical products manufactured in Connecticut rose by 378 percent in 2008 compared to the year before. International sales for medical andsurgical products made in Connecticut grew by more than 100 percent.Meanwhile, the sale of corn and grain cereals manufactured in Connecticut rose an astounding 296 percent.

The largest share of goods were exported to Canada and Western Europe.But the global marketplace is changing, and that means Connecticut businesses that are aware of the trends stand to succeed. In 2008,Connecticut firms sold 61 percent more goods to Ireland, 33 percent more to Mexico and 20 percent more to China than in 2007. The greatest emerging marketplaces for Connecticut products, however, may be Brazil and the Persian Gulf. Connecticut's exports to Brazil in 2008 rose by nearly 94 percent from the year before, while sales to the United Arab Emirates surged by more than 100 percent in 2008. Exports to Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, grew by 327 percent in 2008 -- topping out at nearly $270 million.

Read the rest of the article here at The Advocate (April 2009):http://tinyurl.com/dkrxh4>
-> Got a story to share? We'd love to hear from you. E-mail info@globetrade.com (mailto:info@globetrade.com) and put "Got a story" in the subject line and then let us know what you have in mind. We cannot guarantee your tale will be published, but we'll do our best!

Q: To Ask The Expert,
How do I ship small quantities of my product by ocean? Won't that cost me (or my customer) an arm and a leg?

A: Many first-time importers and exporters ask that very same question because their first orders are typically small.
Your best bet is to hire a global freight forwarder (even UPS can assist on matters such as this) which serve as all-around transport agents for moving cargo, typically from a factory door to your customer's warehouse. Their service saves you a lot of time, effort, and anxiety for a very reasonable fee (generally U.S. $150-175 per shipment) – an expense you'll include in your price quotation to your customer and recoup when you collect payment.

Freight forwarders can be found by conducting a Google search, use the key words "freight forwarder, Chicago," for example, if you are searching for one located in that city. Or try "transportation expert, freight forwarder," that might do the trick as well.

A good freight forwarder helps you make the sale and deliver the goods in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

If you have enough goods to fill a straight container (on average 20 to 48 cubic feet), it's an advantage. Your product will be loaded into the container all by itself, rather than being consolidated with other companies' products to fill the container, and a seal will be put on the door. This means that nobody else will have access to those goods when they arrive at the port of destination except your customer or its designated agent. This safety measure guards against potential theft, pilferage, and product tampering.

If you do not have enough goods to fill one container, as in your case,than you want to ship …
Read the entire answer here (scroll down to the tenth or eleventh post): http://tinyurl.com/d87ybq>

-> Got a question or a comment? Good. Send it here:
info@globetrade.com (mailto:info@globetrade.com).


Here are a number of Tom's most inspiring messages. And they're all absolutely free. Download, print, discuss, and disseminate to your heart's content. He asks only that you not alter the files, claim them as your own work, or charge for their use.

Go to Tom Peters' Free Stuff:http://tinyurl.com/c5q2up>


Heightened antitrust action, such as China's "no" on Coke-Huiyuan, may signal creeping protectionism.
Read more here at BusinessWeek:http://tinyurl.com/cdolgr>


Members of Congress continue to toss around ideas to help small businesses dig out of the recession. The latest suggestion: appoint a special U.S. trade representative to focus on the needs of small
Read more here at Independent Street (WSJ):http://tinyurl.com/dj52jn>


Area small businesses interested in tapping into the global marketplace can learn more at a free workshop April 23.
Find out more at Knoxnews.com:http://tinyurl.com/dgk6ag>

12. BLOG WORLD: Small Business Forum Australia

Facebook opens doors to the global market.Read more here:http://tinyurl.com/dhaek7>


"GODZILLA Global Marketing! – The Essentials To Building A Successful Global Business" will help you:
  Build a living global brand.
  Understand the importance of local and global strategic alliances.
  Develop a high global business IQ.Create an export dream team.
  Implement a seven-degree global action plan.
  Consider global marketing as a career … and more!
"GODZILLA Global Marketing!" -- a whopping 43 single-spaced pages -- is U.S. $8.95. You can buy a copy quickly and securely through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards (and you don't even need a PayPal account). Once payment is received, your book is on the way! Enjoy.
Click here for more information: http://www.globetrade.com/books.htm>
Click here to buy it now:http://tinyurl.com/yuufgr>
[Laurel here … thanks to so many of you who have already purchased a copy!]
  If you can think wild (or in this case, serious) thoughts, then you can most certainly go global.
You've heard of Twitter (find Laurel at http://twitter.com/LaurelDelaney) but have you heard of TweetDeck?
It's a simple and fast way to experience Twitter.

(Remember, inaction is the worst kind of failure.)

***We welcome suggestions for Take a Walk On The Wild Side. Early responses have the best chance of being published. Please include your title, company affiliation, location and email address. We reserve the right to solicit and edit suggestions.***
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution <http://tinyurl.com/4bwtyc>
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Looking Abroad For a Bigger Boost in Business http://tinyurl.com/5k6mwc>
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New York Eatery Looks For The Sweet Spot Overseas http://tinyurl.com/6q9n4q>
WE, INC.: How To Provide Great Global Customer Service http://tinyurl.com/5ry34z>
USATODAY.com: Small U.S. firms make big global sales http://tinyurl.com/4tm8na>
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Falling dollar Pinches Small Businesseshttp://tinyurl.com/678dm8>
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: The Bright Side of the Dollar's Decline http://tinyurl.com/5zvrc3>

• LAUREL'S ENTREPRENEUR COLUMN: Global: Barriers to Entry.Expanding internationally? Avoid these 5 common errors.http://tinyurl.com/6jqbcd>

• PARCEL MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Leaving the Country: Learn about the extremity of small businesses' unwillingness to go global. The UPS Business Monitor report helps us understand why.http://tinyurl.com/2puay3>
• SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS: What's Ahead in Our Brave New Cyberworld.<http://tinyurl.com/2udun5>

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That's it for April. A special thanks to Bob Marovich, author,consultant and gospel music historian, for his editing assistance. He can be reached at bob@gospelmemories.com (mailto:bob@gospelmemories.com)or visit his blog at http://www.theblackgospelblog.com/. Back with you in sunny May.
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