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Reducing Energy Consumption: Cutback in Electricity Consumption Through Employees’ Awareness

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Bakery Santiago II Campina Grande, Paraiba / Brazil

In brief

The bakery Panificadora Santiago was founded in 1992 in Campina Grande, State of Paraiba, Brazil. Nowadays, it employs 16 people. It is placed in the Presidente Médici district and most of its clients are local residents. Its main products are bread, biscuits, pastries, and cakes. The company has recently faced problems related to its electricity bills due to random consumption by employees. This problem was identified after the manager started monitoring electricity consumption as suggested by the Good House Keeping Guide.

The challenge

The company´s objective was to reduce electricity consumption by raising employees’ awareness and tracking electrical power consumption in customer service, once the power meter is separated from the production meter. The proposed tracking involves monthly publication of the power bill on the news board.

Actions taken within the enterprise (after application of the PREMA GHK guide)

The management raised employees’ awareness of high electricity consumption and its possible causes.

Additionally, the monthly power bill is displayed on the employees’ news board.

Environmental benefits

With the application of this GHK practice, a saving of 344kWh/month was estimated, which represents an environmental benefit through reduced production of energy.

Economic benefits

Previous average electricity consumption per month

Average electrical energy consumption is around R$1,200 ($ 600)

Annual cost savings

Average reduction in the power bill is R$ 100/month ($ 50)

Savings: R$100,00* 12 months = R$ 1.200 ($ 600)

Organisational improvements

With the implementation of this measure the electricity bills are posted on the employee news board, which contributes to a better interaction between management and employees. 

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