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Ensuring Resource Efficiency: Reduced Consumption of Detergent and Other Inputs

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A Self-service Laundry in Mexico

In brief

After 20 years of working in laundry services, the company realized that it was losing a lot of substances (detergents, etc.) through the current washing practices. It decided to modify the input quantities, and thus reduce water contamination, as well as costs.

The challenge

The washing procedure is a task that has become routine and involves the use of quantities indicated in user manuals, without consideration of the condition and quantity of clothes to be washed. For this reason, wastage of materials like detergent, bleach, softener and stain remover was common.

Actions taken within the enterprise (after application of the PREMA GHK guide)

Development of an analysis process of the clothes to be washed, with the objective to select, separate and determine its status.

Reduction of the use of washing auxiliaries that are used for the washing process.

Environmental benefits

In general terms, the reduction of polluting materials in the waste water, such as phosphates from detergents (432 kg) or chlorine for bleaching (72 liters), as well as 240 liters of stain remover, reduce the environmental impact of the company’s operations. At the same time less packaging leads to a decreased amount of solid waste.

Additionally, the use of biodegradable auxiliaries is a clear environmental benefit.

Economic benefits

Investment costs



Operational costs



Cost Savings

 $ 297

Saving of detergent (432 liters): $195

Saving of softener (108 liters): $64

Saving of chlorine (72 liters): $27

Payback Times



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