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Borderbuster Monthly E-Newsletter (No. 93): September 4, 2009

Distributed by GlobeTrade.com (http://www.globetrade.com) and Designed
To Help Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Activists, Futurists,
Academics, Executives and Corporate Risk-Takers Go Global.

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1. Welcome From The Publisher
2. Update For Our Readers
3. Offshoring by U.S. Companies Doubles*
4. Business and Cultural Tips: Have Some Fun!*
5. Seizing Global Opportunities*
6. How I Went Global: Ongoing Series // James Lamont*
7. A Reader Asks: Q&A*
8. Everybody Loves a Freebie -- repeat: FREE OFFER*
9. Use International Search Marketing – Just Like Google!*
10. Big Blue's Global Lab*
11. Twitter World: QueenRania*
12. Blog World: The China Sourcing Blog*
13. Laurel's e-Book: "GODZILLA Global Marketing!"
14. Take A Walk On The Wild Side (TAWOTWS)
15. Wind Behind Your Sail*
16. Miscellany: GlobeTrade in the News*


Greetings, Loyal Colleagues, Fabulous Friends and Cheering Fans!

Thank you to so many of you who continue to spread the word about this
e-newsletter by talking about it, forwarding it on to colleagues or
recommending it to your collaborators. As a result, we are growing
rapidly and becoming known as the best-borderbuster-on-the-planet!
Since 1985, we have helped more than one million entrepreneurs, small
businesses, activists, futurists, academics, executives and corporate
risk-takers go global through our books, articles, education and
consulting services.

For those of you who just signed on, this is the latest edition of
"Borderbuster," which is produced by author, speaker and
educator Laurel Delaney -- herself a successful small business owner
with years of experience in taking on the world with her knowledge,
products and services. Every month, Laurel briefs you on the basics in
all aspects of running a global business -- from finding customers to
keeping them, from shipping products to getting paid, from learning
about a different culture to becoming a true global netizen. She shares
her passion for what is possible and continues to make significant and
enduring contributions to the way the world does business.

Many of the articles featured here are marked *subscriber exclusive,*
which means they do not appear on the GlobeTrade.com site or Global
Small Business Blog (http://borderbuster.blogspot.com) -- an added value
for members only. Yet if you become too busy to tackle everything here,
just revert to the site or the blog to get your global dose for the

In this September issue, "Borderbuster" focuses on: how
offshoring by U.S. companies helps find overseas talent; how to seize
global opportunities, even in a recession; and how to use international
search marketing to grow your business. Our special feature this month
is "Land of Opportunity" by Richard Lamont for the Financial
Times. He explains how to find business opportunities in India –
the world's largest democracy.

Enjoy the great content and resources we bring you each month. We hope
you learn something new here and apply it today. Membership is free but
priceless! Now, let us be brave and fearless about conducting business
in our world because sooner or later, going global will prevail. Every
citizen will know how to do it. Don't be left behind! Start
shaping your world today.

Thank you for your support of GlobeTrade.com. It means the world to us.
Please contact Laurel if you have any questions, complaints, sound-offs,
contributions or compliments concerning "Borderbuster."
She'd love to hear from you, so go on and make her day! Her e-mail
address is ldelaney@globetrade.com (mailto:ldelaney@globetrade.com).

Let's revolutionize our thinking, get started, bust a border and go

No boundaries in 2009,
The Team at GlobeTrade.com

P.S. Sometimes links don't work. If that's the case, please
copy and paste the link directly into your browser. And if you write or
blog about one of our features, please attribute the entry to the
Borderbuster e-newsletter and include our sign-up link
(http://www.globetrade.com/borderbuster). Thank you.

REMINDER NO. 1: Watch Laurel's "live" online forum
(http://tinyurl.com/m7oxq3) at the June 2009 Small Business Online
Community powered by Bank of America. She discussed how to stay fit for
fast business growth even during tough economic times (and yes,
globalization came into play, too!).

REMINDER NO. 2: We launched a social enterprise for women entrepreneurs
interested in growing their business across borders. It's called
Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global (WEGG) and can be found here:


Experts who have already agreed to be part of this powerful and much
needed initiative are:

• Sharon Barner, Partner, Foley & Lardner
• Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends, LLC
• Raman Chadha, Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship
Center at DePaul University
• Linda Darragh, Director, Entrepreneurship Program for the
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
• Marsha Firestone, Ph.D., Founder and President, Women
Presidents' Organization
• Suzy Fox, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, HRER, Loyola
University Chicago, primary research on Successful Women Worldwide
• Dawn Harris, Ph.D., Director, Gannon Center for Women and
Leadership, Loyola University Chicago
• Mary Joyce, Network Director, U. S. Department of Commerce,
Midwest Export Assistance Center
• Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO, Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.
• Steve King, Founding Partner, Emergent Research
• Carolyn Ockels, Founding Partner, Small Business Labs
• Leslie Schweitzer, Senior Trade Advisor for the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce and Creator of the TradeRoots Initiative

Please visit WEGG to read recent entries and to learn more about our
mission, vision and expert contributors. If you are interested in
becoming a contributor or a sponsor, please contact us at:
ldelaney@globetrade.com (mailto:ldelaney@globetrade.com) or call

REMINDER NO. 3: Listen to Laurel's podcast: 10 Ways To Go Global
-- produced by Small Business Trends Radio, hosted by Anita Campbell and
Executive Producer Steve Rucinski.
Link to the show post: <http://tinyurl.com/6jfsal>
Link to audio file: <http://tinyurl.com/6y94lq>
Recap here in the Comment area: <http://tinyurl.com/6xb7qb>

REMINDER NO. 4: Small Business Trends (http://www.smallbiztrends.com/)
founder Anita Campbell has invited Laurel to be a regular global small
business contributor to the OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN blog
(http://blogs.openforum.com/). Anita serves as its Chief Editor. Check
out Laurel's latest entries here:

REMINDER NO. 5: Download our complimentary report, "An American
Trader in Japan:"
<http://www.globetrade.com> -- look for the JUST RELEASED button, or
access it here:

REMINDER NO. 6: We listened and now we are delivering results with a
global business tool developed especially for all our friends, fans,
colleagues and peers. The GlobeTrade Wiki Community is a platform where
you can connect and help each other. Share a story, edit information,
add knowledge, collaborate and, collectively, grow your businesses
globally. We are excited about the new community and hope you like what
you experience. This gives you something to talk about. Use it to your
advantage. GlobeTrade continues to work for you, not the other way

To join, go here (it's complimentary):

It takes about a minute to sign up (don't let the age question deter
you from joining). After that, create your own profile and add your
picture so we can get to know you better. Together, we can change the
world and make it a better place to live. Looking forward to having you
on board! See you there.

REMINDER 7: We are pleased to announce that The Global Small Business
Blog is now featured prominently on the home page of the International
Council for Small Business (http://www.icsb.org/). We are honored and
in exceptional company alongside Dr. Jeffrey Cornwall with The
Entrepreneurial Mind, one of the top 100 business blogs in the world.
Pay a visit when time permits and consider becoming a member (full
disclosure: Laurel is already a member of the ICSB). Find lots of
useful information to help you expand your business internationally.

Remember that the world offers magic to all of us.

Laurel and the GlobeTrade Team
*Subscriber Exclusive*

Small and medium employers find talent overseas.

Read the article at Industry Week:
*Subscriber Exclusive*

Enjoy. And remember, there is no such thing as a universal attitude.
These are just guidelines, so if in doubt while visiting a foreign
country, ask.

• In Korea, family names come first, then the given name. It is
difficult to distinguish male from female names.

• In Indonesia, shoes should be removed before entering carpeted
rooms and holy places – especially mosques. Business dealings are
usually long, slow, and frustrating.

• In the Gulf States, if an Arab businessman takes your hand and
holds it as you walk, do not be alarmed. He means it only as a sign of

• In Spain, the only time punctuality is taken seriously is when
attending a bullfight.

• In Algeria, when visiting, it is usually considered in good taste
to devote some time to small talk – inquiring about health and
family, among other polite topics – before making a smooth
transition to the topic of the visit. During a second visit, it is also
considered appropriate by some to give a small gift as a token of

• In Panama, Americans who do not mingle with the local people are
considered cold and aloof.

Source: "Do's and Taboos Around The World" by Roger E.

BUSINESS TIP(S) OF THE MONTH … Caroline's Rainbow Foundation

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity working to
raise awareness of the importance of safe travel to young people,
whether they are going abroad for independent travel, gap year
placements, organized tours or simply thinking about visiting a
different country.

The website was created in memory of Caroline Ann Stuttle -- after her
tragic death in 2002 in Bundaberg, Australia while traveling on her gap
year -- to promote Travel Safety Awareness amongst young travelers.

Regardless of your age, you can never be too cautious. Pay a visit to
this site before you leave home. Travel safely.

To learn more, visit Caroline's Rainbow Foundation:

*-*-*-*-*-* This Issue Is Brought to You By SPONSOR *-*-*-*-*-*

Could your company benefit from reaching our loyal subscriber base of
global business enthusiasts? Please contact Laurel Delaney at
ldelaney@globetrade.com (mailto:ldelaney@globetrade.com) for details.

*Subscriber Exclusive*

Take a look at entrepreneurs who have found business opportunities from
the North Sea to Antarctica.

Read the article at Inc.:
6. HOW I WENT GLOBAL: ONGOING SERIES -- As featured in the Financial
Times May 28, 2009: The following article talks about finding business
opportunities in India – the world's largest democracy. Forward
the article to anyone you know who might benefit from it.
*Subscriber Exclusive*


Land of Opportunity
By James Lamont

Throngs of people have gathered in Begusarai district, Bihar, to hear
Nitish Kumar, chief minister of India's poorest state, speak. As his
helicopter whirrs overhead, stragglers hurry along narrow paths between
fields to join the swelling crowd. Men perch on boundary walls and
rooftops, while hundreds of children jostle around the landing pad to be
closest to the shiny blue Bell chopper.

The largely agrarian community has braved sapping, mid-afternoon
temperatures of more than 40°C to hear a populist message. As Mr
Kumar strides toward the podium surrounded by an armed police escort,
local activists chant "Zindabad Nitish Kumar, zindabad!"
("Long live Nitish Kumar, long live!") The heat, as much as the
atmosphere of sweating expectation, is intense.

Bihar, a state of 90m people, is old India. It is riven with complex
social and religious divisions. Health indicators are poor, illiteracy
widespread and masses of people live below the poverty line. Not long
ago, members of the upper castes had private armies to terrorise their
supposed inferiors. They and other criminals ran amok in an environment
of lax security and law enforcement. No wonder that the state has hardly
any large private investment to speak of other than a cement factory.

Mr Kumar is not a rabble rouser. His party, the Janata Dal (United), has
a manifesto of 100 promises. Promise number one is "revive growth
momentum and create jobs"; promise number 100 is a short sentence on
foreign policy.

In his address, the white kurta-clad leader chooses to talk about only
five promises. His main message to the people of India's poorest
state is simply: support development and peace.

He offers free bicycles for school girls. He proposes turning subsidies
on food, fertiliser and fuel into direct cash payments to be spent as
people choose. He promises to bring jobs to Bihar to end generations-old
migration to the richer states of Punjab, Maharashtra and Assam in
search of work.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, Mr Kumar speaks to Biharis as one
people. He appeals to the crowd to find common purpose as Hindu,
Muslims, Dalits (the group formerly known as "untouchables") for

Read the rest of the article here at Financial Times (5/27/09):

The entire special report on The New India can be found here:


-> Got a story to share? We'd love to hear from you. E-mail
info@globetrade.com (mailto:info@globetrade.com) and put "Got a
story" in the subject line and then let us know what you have in
mind. We cannot guarantee your tale will be published, but we'll do
our best!
*Subscriber Exclusive*

Q: To Ask The Expert,

I run an automotive supply shop and am interested in selling parts to
Russia. Do you think there is any opportunity there and if so, how
should I start?

Definitely. Russia is a growing market and open to buying all sorts of
products and services, including automotive products, financial
services, construction equipment and materials and household goods, to
name just a few.

I recommend you start with a visit to the U.S. Commercial Service Russia
(http://www.buyusa.gov/russia/en/) where you will find surveys of
American companies successfully conducting business in Russia, market
research help, business facilitation services, Doing Business in Russia
Reports, and what I like best, a roster of key people to contact
(http://tinyurl.com/mt36gf) for answers to all of your questions.

Going global, or in your case exporting to Russia as a first-step,
requires asking the right questions and knowing where to turn for

Hopefully, this resource is a step in the right direction for you. Let
us know how it goes and good luck.

-> Got a question or a comment? Good. Send it here:
info@globetrade.com (mailto:info@globetrade.com).

*Subscriber Exclusive*

Social networking is a fast-growing online trend that is changing the
media landscape, particularly in the way in which consumers and
companies interact with each other.

Find out more at INSEAD Knowledge:

And don't miss an opportunity to open your mind to a whole lot more
*Subscriber Exclusive*

Search marketers should follow Google's lead and look to expand in the
more buoyant economies of the world, thus bolstering their strength and
competitiveness at home.

Read more here at Search Engine Watch:
*Subscriber Exclusive*

IBM is forging cutting-edge partnerships (referred to in the article as
"collaboratories") around the world.

Read more here at BusinessWeek:

*Subscriber Exclusive*

Twitter name Queen Rania is a mom and a wife with a really cool day job.
She serves as Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and is based
in Amman, Jordan with 732,000+ followers. Find out why here:


And don't forget to follow Laurel:
12. BLOG WORLD: The China Sourcing Blog
*Subscriber Exclusive*

Learn more about using China sources to cut costs.

Read more here at The China Sourcing Blog:

"GODZILLA Global Marketing! – The Essentials To Building A
Successful Global Business" will help you:

-> Build a living global brand.
-> Understand the importance of local and global strategic alliances.
-> Develop a high global business IQ.
-> Create an export dream team.
-> Implement a seven-degree global action plan.
-> Consider global marketing as a career … and more!

"GODZILLA Global Marketing!" -- a whopping 43 single-spaced pages -- is
U.S. $8.95. You can buy a copy quickly and securely through PayPal,
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[Laurel here … thanks to so many of you who have already purchased a
*Subscriber Exclusive*

If you can think wild thoughts, then you can most certainly go global.

Add visuals to your online conversations. For example, snap a picture
of your screen; record a video of onscreen action; and share them
instantly over the web, IM and email.

Make it happen:

(Remember, inaction is the worst kind of failure.)

***We welcome suggestions for Take a Walk On The Wild Side. Early
responses have the best chance of being published. Please include your
title, company affiliation, location and email address. We reserve the
right to solicit and edit suggestions.***
*Subscriber Exclusive*

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." ~
---------->>>>>>>>>> LATE BREAKING NEWS <<<<<<<<<<----------


TOP HOSTS: Study Finds SMBs Optimistic About Economic Turnaround
Despite Desire for More Government Support

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Looking Abroad For a Bigger Boost in Business

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New York Eatery Looks For The Sweet Spot

WE, INC.: How To Provide Great Global Customer Service

USATODAY.com: Small U.S. firms make big global sales

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Falling Dollar Pinches Small Businesses

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: The Bright Side of the Dollar's Decline

• LAUREL'S ENTREPRENEUR COLUMN: Global: Barriers to Entry.
Expanding Internationally? Avoid these 5 common errors.

• PARCEL MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Leaving the Country: Learn about the
extremity of small businesses' unwillingness to go global. The UPS
Business Monitor report helps us understand why.

• SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS: What's Ahead in Our Brave New
http://www.globetrade.com -- Check out our new look: We've expanded
our Idea Lab section and have a new, more powerful web host: Verio
(www.verio.com). We love'em! Full disclosure: We are a Verio
customer and serve as their independent global SMB consultant. Watch
for more good things to come!
http://borderbuster.blogspot.com -- The Global Small Business Blog
http://www.laureldelaney.com -- for your global entrepreneurial
development needs.
http://escapefromcorporateamerica.blogspot.com -- to find out why women
are leaving Corporate America for entrepreneurship.
<http://tinyurl.com/34nlf5> -- audio post card from Laurel!
http://www.squidoo.com/borderbuster -- do you Squidoo? We do! Find out
http://www.ebookmall.com/ebook/65325-ebook.htm -- to order Laurel's
first e-book, "Insanely Global!"
• Listen to an archived broadcast of Laurel Delaney talking about
what it takes to go global:
• Listen to podcasts as global trade experts (including Laurel
Delaney) and UPS executives explore how small- and medium-size
businesses can better market their goods internationally:
<http://tinyurl.com/5wcamj> and
• Download a voter-supported FREE global manifesto authored by
Laurel Delaney:
http://www.changethis.com/sp-6.GlobalGuru -- for learning how to go
• Explore Scribd and learn something new about going global:
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That's it for September. A special thanks to Bob Marovich, author,
grant writer and gospel music historian, for his editing assistance. He
can be reached at bob@gospelmemories.com (mailto:bob@gospelmemories.com)
or visit his blog at
http://www.theblackgospelblog.com/. Enjoy the magnificent autumn colors
while you can. Back with you in October!

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